The Paskin Group is a family we choose to keep.

We grow together, we respect one another, we support each other through peaks and valleys,
and we celebrate together in our victories.

Work With Us

We are proud to offer a fun, dynamic culture, flexible scheduling, competitive pay, and an excellent benefits package, which includes wellness events and group outings. Could you be the next addition to our growing team? Come and see what it means to do things “The Paskin Way.”

"I am happy to be a part of a company that is growing and I feel like I was meant to be at Deerfield.”

Bobby Moreno
Lead Maintenance

"When I started working for The Paskin Group I stopped being a number and became a family member!”

Christie Infante
Property Manager

"The Paskin Group is a great place to work! We are a family that shares similar goals and aspirations for the future."

Katherine Serdio
Executive Assistant

Currently Available Positions

About Company:
The Paskin Group owns and operates multi-family and commercial real estate across 6 cities in the western United States. The Paskin Group is able to build multi-generational wealth for our investors by our commitment to a disciplined investment approach. Our acquisitions are subject to rigorous evaluation from the earliest stages and are managed according to the highest standards with our investors’ yield objectives in mind. We are hands-on, goal-oriented, and always seeking to improve both the quality of our assets, and the relationship by and between our partners. Click here for more..

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