We create investment opportunities, execute on disciplined management
strategies, and value our communities.


The Paskin Group is able to build multi-generational wealth for our investors by our commitment to a disciplined investment approach.  Our acquisitions are subject to rigorous evaluation from the earliest stages, and are managed according to the highest standards with our investors’ yield objectives in mind.  We are hands-on, goal-oriented, and always seeking to improve both the quality of our assets, and the relationship by and between our partners. From our proven track record of successful investments, to our strong relationships with industry-leading lenders and brokers, we are confident in providing our investors with attractive opportunities, while offering the peace of mind that comes with a seasoned investment approach.

The Reserve on Willow Lake, 138 units. Acquired in 2014.

  • High, long-term yields
  • No management responsibilities
  • Low sponsorship fees
  • Limited downside risk
  • All the tax benefits of sole-ownership of real estate


The Paskin Group follows a disciplined management approach that consistently produces results for our investors. This program enables our team to identify opportunities and anticipate challenges rather than simply reacting, giving The Paskin Group a competitive advantage that allows us to add market-leading value to each investment we are involved in. Our team is constantly seeking out ways to improve efficiencies through use of scale, technology, and exhaustive market research.






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We recognize that our business does not operate in a vacuum. We owe our success to our communities of business partners, investors, families, and friends.  We also recognize that our success comes with a responsibility to create a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work. To this end, we have made a commitment to devote our time and resources to local organizations where our influence can do the most good.