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Winter Storm and Power Outage Hits Texas

An arctic storm caused massive power outages and billions of dollars in damage across Texas in February.

An article recently published by The Texas Tribune states that due to the massive power outage and snow storm that hit Texas, “Thousands of Texans are facing damage from burst pipes, which have flooded homes and left many without water.”

More than a week ago Texas had faced record low temperatures and numerous power outages that affected rural and metropolitan areas across Texas. As plumbing companies continue to help repair damaged plumbing systems, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in order for Texas to get back on its feet again. Additionally, Multifamily properties are dealing with even more complex repairs as there are more buildings involved. David Mintz, vice president of government affairs for the apartment association claims that, “The biggest challenge right now is just people working as hard as they can to get properties back up and running and trying to meet the needs of their residents.”

The Paskin Group is dedicated to providing its residents with the highest quality care, and we value the needs of our residents. We are proud of our property managers and maintenance teams that have gone above and beyond with helping residents remain comfortable in their situations, and have provided resources to all. Please click here if you are interested in donating to organizations that are committed to providing food and shelter to Texans in need.

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